Hair Cuts | Hair Styles

Service Price
Women's Hair Cut - Short 29 - 49
Women's Hair Cut - Shoulder 34 - 54
Women's Hair Cut - Long 39 - 59
Women's Hair Cut - Extra Long 44 - 64
Women's Hair Style (no cut) - Short 21 - 30
Women's Hair Style (no cut) - Shoulder 26 - 34
Women's Hair Style (no cut) - Long 31 - 39
Women's Hair Style (no cut) - Extra Long 36 - 44
Men's Haircut 16 - 25
Men's Haircut Works: (shampoo,hot towel, scalp massage & style) 18 - 26
Bang or Beard Trim: 9
Pre/Post Conditioning Treatment: 10 - 16
Chlorine/Hard water/ Scalp Treatments: 16
LOCKS OF LOVE ( blunt cut ) Complementary

About Our Hair Cutting and Styling in Lakewood Ranch / Bradenton

At Boutique Out East Salon in Lakewood Ranch/Bradenton, our service specialists are dedicated to superior service and continued education. We only employ top providers who train and hone their skills yearly to produce the best results for you.

From classy to trendy styles, Boutique Out East will create "style without limits" just for you. We are proud to say we keep up with the latest hair styles and trends to provide the very best experience of any salon in Lakewood Ranch.
Boutique Out East works on a level system with our stylists and their pricing.  Multi-level pricing is based on a service provider's percentage of demand, not their level of experience. You may request a level 1 thru 4 stylist to perform your services. All of our stylists,  no matter what level, are highly skilled professionals who undergo rigorous ongoing education to advance to their next levels.